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In the meantime here are some tips for keeping healthy during the holidays:


Health Tip
Remember the apple a day? How about a walk, instead! If you are always tired, or think you don't have the time, think about this: The American Council of Exercise states that a regular walking program can reduce blood cholesterol, lower blood pressure, increase cardiovascular endurance, boost bone strength, and burn calories. You can do that all in 30 minutes a day! It does not even matter if the 30 minutes are all at once. Try three ten minute increments. Walk the stairs during lunch, take the dog on an extra walk. Try a little walk after dinner. It does not matter. Walking will make you feel better: period.


Recess Holiday Helper Special!

2 Personal Health Reports for the Price of 1
Don't gain that typical holiday 15 this year. Give your friend the gift of a free personalized meal, aerobic and weight training plan and get one for yourself FREE.

$100 gets you both a plan that you can use year-round to stay looking and feeling good.

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Corporate Wellness

Is boring.

Does a "health risk assessment" really tell you much that you didn't already know?

Do class titles like "Living with Diabetes" inspire you to think positively about making changes?

Recess' surveys of corporate employees show they want wellness programs to meaningfully enhance their lives. Research shows that employees have to be on board for wellness to work.

We aim to please.

Recess' Beach Body Boot camp is now available to corporations.

You are happy, they are happy, everyone is happy. And the disease/risk management?

That happens, too, but let's just keep that our little secret so that we don't mess up the fun part.

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